Material Girl LIVE

Sara - Performing as Madonna / Lady Gaga


Sara Tafolla has waited all her life for this moment.


Her extensive music training in choirs, shows and bands has been focused on becoming her idol, The Queen of Pop, Madonna.  All of Sara’s life, she’s been told she sounds exactly like Madonna.  And more recently she is known to be the spitting image of Lady Gaga with a sound to match. Standing in front of her bedroom mirror, singing and dancing along with her idol was her daily escape into fantasy.  Now the World will see and hear her dream.

 “My favorite Madonna tour was her third, the Blonde Ambition Tour,” Sara says glowingly.  “She was so beautiful and sexy with such elaborate costumes for the time.   When she did “Like A Virgin” it was transforming… very risqué and sexual… raw.  She was in her prime and I hold that image of her whenever I perform her music.”

Sara’s singing career began in her hometown Kansas City high school, first with the acappella choir and then with a show choir, The Harmonaires.  Audiences were spellbound by her chemistry in group performance.  Her initial endeavor into the music scene was with the bands Retroactive and The Naughty Band. When she came out front in The Naughty Band, the group’s popularity and following exploded.  “Every night, I looked forward to our Madonna and Gaga material,” Sara says.  “I really wanted to give a complete concert experiences of Madonna and Lady gaga at their finest".  It was then that she realized she needed to front a Madonna/Lady Gaga Tribute. "With this superb band my dream has come true.”

Come join Material Girl on a journey of rediscovery you’ll never forget.


Marlon - Electric/Acoustic Guitars, B Vox

Marlon Bankston – Electric and Acoustic Guitars/Backup Vocals Music and performance is in Marlon’s DNA – growing up in a musical and theatrical family heritage that spans generations. From Revival Rallies in San Francisco to Kansas City juke joints to off Broadway in the Big Apple, Marlon has followed his family’s footsteps of bringing music to life. Marlon has also taught himself to play drums, bass, piano while studying live and studio engineering in his spare time. He has performed in orchestras and bands for numerous theatrical productions and performed with several contemporary gospel groups including international recording artist Teddy Grover and Joy. Musically, Marlon loves Jimi, and Prince, and B.B. and both the Stevie’s (Wonder and Ray Vaughn). “With these masters, guitar is the most expressive means of communication there is,” says Marlon. “They can hang a note or shred your ears but whatever the expression, it’s the joy of pure abandon and all heart.” Marlon’s refined taste brings a sophistication and sound to Material Girl befitting of The Queen of Pop herself. “I’ve always admired how Madonna brought the finest of the finest,” Marlon says. “Par excellence -That is what we are reaching for with Material Girl - the finest sound and performance of all of Madonna’s greatest material.”

Shawn - Drummer/sequences/booking/manager/web

Shawn Lothamer Drums/Sequenses/Web/Booking/Manager. Shawn's career in music spans many decades. He started playing drums at age 12. Started his first band at age 15. Over the years he learned to play multiple instruments including keyboards, guitar and bass. This lead him to start Sevenday Production. A recording studio and production company. Shawn started Material Girl in the summer of 2013 and has helped it grow into an amazing band,  full of incredibly talented people.  

Tyson - Bass / Graphics/Video

Tyson Jones – Bass/ Graphics - Tyson is a man of few words and stout sentences. But as the band’s bassist and visual production designer, that is a very good thing… keep it simple and make it count. “I like playing bass… laying down the pulse, the pocket,” Tyson says. As the project’s visual designer, Tyson likes to put his ideas into visual form, from lighting and stage design, to web and graphic creations. “I like beautiful things,” he says. Come show time, Tyson commands the demand for the fattest, dirtiest grooves to make the room grunt and grind. “Bring on the party… that’s what makes me feel my note.” ‘Nuff said.